Why Those White Women Want Nothing To Do With Barack Obama

If a group of white Republican women adamantly refused to go near a black man and complained loudly about him, the political press would destroy them as racists. That...

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Coca-Cola’s Anti-Religious Positions

Yesterday, Houston Mayor Annise Parker had to withdraw her subpoenas to Christian pastors in Houston. The mayor demanded several pastors turn over the text of their sermons if those...

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Election Madness

Last night's show focused on Jason Carter in Georgia, the national polling, and Democrats' crying wolf.

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Give These People As Much Birth Control As Possible

NARAL has produced perhaps the stupidest radio ad ever. The advertisement starts with a guy who can't find condoms anywhere. Why? Because the Republican Senate candidate,

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“Voter Suppression” Street Theater the Media Should Not Take Seriously

40,000 voter registration forms have gone missing. Those voters, who Democrats have desperately tried to register to vote, will be unable to cast ballots on election day. At least...

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No, we won't get into that time he was arrested (!!). No, Jason Carter is now breaking the law. He has a Florida tag on his bus. So he'd...

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Jason Carter is Outsourcing

Jason Carter is on his bus tour as the Democrats continue to pound Republican David Perdue on outsourcing. A sharp eye caught this. Jason Carter outsourced his bus demands...

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When I Survey

We stand a week from the final midterm election of Barack Obama's Presidential career. When I survey the field I do not see a wave election for the GOP....

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Zach Dasher is my guy in Louisiana's 5th Congressional District. He should be your guy too. He's running against the congressman who had the affair and has decided not...

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How Times Change in Maine

Republican Governor Paul LePage of Maine has opened up a 10 point lead. Less than a year ago, friends of mine were freaked out that LePage was going to...

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Is it as Close as That? for 10/24/2014

For most of 2012, I maintained that Mitt Romney would lose to Barack Obama. Only after President Obama’s first debate did there seem to be a glimmer of hope. After that debate, polling moved in Romney’s direction. Conservatives had hope. As we now kno…

With 12 Days to Go, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce Wants Republican Leaders to Oppose Religious Liberty

Georgia is facing a very close election. Public polling has the Democrat leading the Republican for the U.S. Senate seat. The Republican Governor is neck and neck with Jimmy Carter’s

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