The Clinton Machine

Ben Domenech, one of our illustrious founders, has a great piece at Commentary about the Clinton machine being alive. It is worth reading for a number of reasons, but...

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What Leading From Behind Looks Like

I do not think Barack Obama is a closet sympathizer of muslim Jihadists bent on our destruction, but God help me I suddenly understand how some have arrived at...

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The Continued Farce for 08/29/2014

Just last week, the temperatures in Middle Georgia, where I write, were over 100 degrees. This week, they are struggling to get to 90. But, as say climate change...

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You Will Be Made to Care

Vanderbilt University has decided student groups on campus cannot determine their own leadership. Consequently, a muslim can run the Christian group, a global warming skeptic can run the Earth...

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The Democrats’ Problem

Members of the Democratic Party are soiling themselves over Barack Obama’s plans for unilateral, executive ordered immigration reform. They should be. Barack Obama has shown time and time again...

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Prayers for @PastorMark Driscoll

“I wouldn’t worship a god who couldn’t win a bar fight.” I’ve used that line and variations of it over the years. Mark Driscoll was the inspiration for it....

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Gay Zombies

Even casual viewers and fans of the zombie genre will be made to care. Apparently, it is a big deal that Daryl Dixon may or may not be gay....

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Chicken Curry Recipe

So I made this over the weekend after modifying several different recipes. By demand. Chicken Curry Prep Time: 25 min | Cook Time: 35 min | Servings: 4 to...

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I Simply Do Not Care About Global Warming

We’re all going to die or something according to the latest hysteria from the United Nations now that government bureaucrats have sufficiently added hype and hyperbole to the IPCC...

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How Many Will Die?

How many people world wide are going to be slaughtered because of Barack Obama? I think the number grows daily. It is not just Americans who have died and will die because of Barack Obama, but many others. Our enemies are increasingly on the move across the globe. They are emboldened by a President in mom jeans who’d rather golf than lead. President Obama has | Read More »

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When Your Base Becomes Your Enemy

Throughout primary season, the National Republican Senatorial Committee in alliance with groups like the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Partnership have treated the Republican base as their enemy. Running scorched earth campaigns, they have attacked conservative groups, they have attacked conservative activists, and they have funded third party campaigns to paint the tea party and its candidates as racists. They have been able to | Read More »

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Playing the Game Badly

President Obama has been really great at winning his own election. We have to give credit where it is due. He has beaten our side twice. But it really is rather spectacular just how bad he is at so much of the rest of the game of politics. And, on this point, I think it should be said that it is not really him, so | Read More »

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So Then What About Bowe Bergdahl?

The ISIS/ISIL nuts are not above trading a hostage for American dollars to later use against us. They made a ransom demand to the United States. CNN’s Crossfire tweeted out the response from the spokesman for President Obama’s National Security Council. “[The U.S.] does not grant concessions to hostage takers…. Doing so would only put more Americans at risk of being taken captive,” said the | Read More »

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Losing a Sense of Community for 08/22/2014

There is a lot of anger in Ferguson, Missouri, and much of it understandable. But there is also a lot of spectacle and drama. “Ferguson” has become a rallying cry for hucksters, a ratings point for the media, and a point of argument for friends on soc…

I Increasingly Find Conflict Between My Faith and Some Conservative Discourse

“On the last day there will be a narrow gate. That makes me pessimistic about my future in politics and the future voices on the right” Were I to recreate this site, I think it would have no comments section. Disqus is just horrible. I do not recommend it to anyone. And it just helps further what I see on so much social media these | Read More »

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President Obama Shows Why He Cannot Beat ISIL

Credit where it is due: for once “No Drama Obama” showed some real anger and emotion. In addressing the nation about James Foley, President Obama had a level of righteousness in his voice he does not often have. While I think it unseemly that he was literally within ten minutes of his speech on a golf course, I appreciate the righteousness in his statement. But | Read More »

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Ferguson, MO and Our Neighbors’ Love

I am a thirty-nine year old white male in suburbia. When I hear of an altercation between an eighteen year old black male and a police officer, my natural inclination is to take the side of the police. For that matter, if I hear it is an eighteen year old white kid, Asian kid, Hispanic kid, or pretty much anyone else, my inclination is to | Read More »

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