The National Republican Senatorial Committee Loves the Senate Conservatives Fund (Or At Least Its Money)

Remember how the National Republican Senatorial Committee wanted everyone to know just how terrible the Senate Conservatives Fund is? Remember how NRSC consultants took to op-ed pages, pushed reporters,...

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Congress Must Reject President Obama’s Plan for the Syrian Rebels

We as a nation must do something about ISIS. The organization is a threat to our national security. If we do not kill them now, they will come here...

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The ‘No Strategy’ Strategy for 09/12/2014

President Obama addressed the nation this past Wednesday night to outline his strategy for combating ISIS. Having declared the War on Terror over, he referred to "terror" in various...

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The ‘No Strategy’ Strategy

First, a bit of self-promotion. This is my nationally syndicated column. Surely you want to call your local paper and ask them to run it. It is from Creators...

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September 11

List of World Trade Center Victims Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr. Edelmiro Abad Maria Rose Abad Andrew Anthony Abate Vincent Abate Laurence Christopher Abel William F. Abrahamson Richard Anthony Aceto...

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Didn’t Barack Obama Declare the War on Terror Over?

“his speech is what I imagine you’d try to say to your mom if she walked in on you playing with yourself. It was awkward and we’ve caught the...

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Ted Cruz’s Chief of Staff Move to Campaign Team a Hopeful Sign

If Senator Cruz builds his likely Presidential campaign team just as he built his Senate office team, he may actually have a shot. The good news is that he...

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Republican Strategy May Prevent Landslide Election

“The only thing the ‘prevent defense’ does it prevent you from winning,” quipped legendary NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden. Conservatives, therefore, should be terrified to read this week...

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Democrats in Michigan and Georgia Engage in Elaborate Scheme to Steal the Election

The House Minority Leader in the Georgia State House, Stacy Abrams, leads an organization now being investigated for fraudulent voter registration applications. WSB television in Atlanta broke the story...

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The Tyranny of Small Things in Barack Obama’s America

At first they came for the school vending machines. Then they came for school pizzas. Then kids across America decided they’d rather starve during the day than eat the...

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Latest News

House GOP Setting the Stage for Massive Crony Capitalist Pay Backs in a Lame Duck

House Republicans are preparing a continuing resolution to keep the government open. In doing so, they’ve decided to be total sluts for K Street and Wall Street. The Crony Capitalists, emboldened by the Chamber of Commerce’s help during primary season, are doing some very unusual things. Here’s what I hear is happening. First, they will reauthorize the Ex-Im bank, which is something K Street is | Read More »

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Do Not Be Fearful About September 11th

I have been inundated with emails, texts, and the like from friends regarding September 11th. Am I going to withdraw money from the bank? Will I stock up on food? What about filling my car up with gas? Is something going to happen? No. No. No. And I don’t know. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. But there is a lot wrong with worrying | Read More »

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The Competitive Disadvantage of Principle

Filling in for Rush Limbaugh last week, I had a number of calls from angry members of the middle class who feel they cannot get ahead because the government stands in their way. It reminded me of something I wrote back in 2012, which I think still stands the test of time. There is a growing frustrating within the middle class that Washington is subsidizing | Read More »

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Failing at Life

Police arrested a lady in Atlanta yesterday for blocking traffic as protested the minimum wage outside McDonalds. She told the WSB reporter who interviewed her that “without struggle there is no progress.” Then she said she wanted the government to force McDonalds to pay more “so I won’t have to struggle.” If you are working your tail off and doing the best you can and, | Read More »

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I’m Back in for Rush Limbaugh

Well, they did’t fire me. I’ll be filling in for Rush Limbaugh again today. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Atlanta, so the actual golden EIB microphone will not be with me, nor the Attila the Hun Chair. But I’ll still on a local channel near you. You can also listen live right here via my home station, WSB in Atlanta. Then I’ll be back on starting | Read More »

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Silencing The Other

In Rotherham, England, 1400 young girls were routinely raped over more than a decade while authorities turned a blind eye. Why did they turn a blind eye? The authorities were so concerned with multiculturalism they could not bring themselves to do anything about a systemic and widespread culture of rape gangs in the area. The gangs were, if you read most press accounts, Pakistani men. | Read More »

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The President Is Not Checked Out

Many people suggest President Obama has checked out. He treats the ever growing threat of ISIS as an abstraction. Sources from within the administration are now more openly admitting that for almost a year intelligence and Pentagon officials have advised the President of the threat. He has chosen to do very little. Last Wednesday, he said we would “shrink” ISIS and make it “a manageable | Read More »

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The American Aristocracy

At one point in American history, and a point I hope we get back to, if an American worked hard enough, he could work his way up through the ranks to great success. He did not need a college degree. In the upper stratosphere, connections helped and eased the way. But outsider could still work their way in through hard work. In Obama’s America, it | Read More »

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